Monday, 8 August 2011

A Ugly Pointless Twitter 'Revolution' Hits London?

We are seeing a tense situation around Hackney, we are seeing lots of tweeting about Hackney and lots of tweeting from the area as violence erupts.

Ed Fraser

The rioting is spreading through much of London, with young people mobilised with social media and bikes, but no jobs, no hope and nothing to lose.

And we are fearing and seeing more violence in South London of Peckham and Lewisham with fires being set. In the south we are not seeing the Twitter intensity we are seeing in Hackney but it is still elevated over other areas.

We have just heard a witness on BBC claim to see someone use a Blackberry phone to communicated about the Lewisham attacks. The Met police have said that they will be prosecuting anyone who call for violence on social networks. But there almost certainly are some people overseas who are involved for kicks.

Michael Harris is a Councilor for Lewisham London and he is claiming he knows of reports of twitter being used to plan riots.

What we are hearing on BBC is that Blackbery BBM message service is being used to plan many of the attacks.

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