Thursday, 8 September 2011

Finding Fun: 3 Case Studies in Web 3.0

The Web 3.0 Lab has carried out research in three locations in Europe trying to find ways to use Twitter geo-tagging to find fun places: Istanbul, Amsterdam and London. The challenge was to find the following:
  • Places that were fun,
  • Places that the tour guides often did cover,
  • Places that tourist were looking for and could not find.

In Amsterdam and Istanbul we have identified regions where locals go to eat and have fun. We have found that looking at our heat map of tweets on the cities that these locations become obvious.

In the case of Istanbul it was rather striking, the fun areas outside of the major tourist areas are light up very clearly.

Our research confirms that tourists can use the density of twitter locations to find interesting places to have fun. So go out there and explore.

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