Wednesday, 7 September 2011

New and Old World, Tweeting in US and EU

Twitter cluster taken at the same time GMT for Europe and US, showing EU vs NAFTA nations in geo-tagged tweeting.

Can can clearly see in both cases the domination of New York and its region in the US and London and its region in Europe. The concentration of people, capital and technology become rather clear.

Both area have large areas of low tweeting density, but in Europe those areas in the East are populated and not tweeting because of poverty while in the US the western region are much more remote.

The US also has more regions of extremely dense tweeting including hot spots in NY and Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Florida, Texas, California, Arizona and the Pacific North. Europe is dominate by Ireland, UK and Holland with large tweeting in Spain and the rich regions in the Alps including Switzerland, Austria and Northern Italy.

Notice the isolated hot spot of Moscow and Istanbul, which tell you a great deal of the concentrated nation of wealth in those nations. Even France follow a more concentrate model unlike the highly distributed patterns in the UK, US, and Holland.

Spain is an interesting mix of concentrated and distributed, with heavy tweeting in Madrid and heavy tweeting on the coat but little inside.

The difference between northern and southern Italy are striking.
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