Monday, 31 October 2011

Android rise in UK a warning for Apple

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Kantar smartphone Android growth
How Android swallowed the UK smartphone market in 18 months | Technology |

Steve Jobs said he was going to destroy Android.  Well its hard to see that in the growth market for smartphones.

The above graphic shows the share of smartphone market for major providers.  Notice that Apple iPhone has not only lost share but is not trailing behind RIM.  What has driven this?  Android.  The rise of Android smartphones in one of the richest and most advanced markets int he world should come as a real warning to Apple.  In less than 2 years Google Android platform came from almost nowhere, competing with Windows Mobile at the time and simply decimated all other plays.

Android has done to the smartphone what Windows did to the PC, and Apple has gotten caught in the same long term losing strategy.  Now the question is iPads, but looking at numbers like these can anyone doubt the tablet market will almost certainly go the same way?

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