Monday, 24 October 2011

Bangkok Diaster shows on Twitter

Above is a twitter density mapping of mobile tweeting from Bangkok just a few days ago,
below is the current map.

But this only tells part of the story.  Twitter encodes tweets location for things other than just a geo-tagge.  And re-tweets from locations carry the original tweets location.  So when you query twitter API for overall score for a location you get a much higher score:

These numbers are still high, though not that high for Bangkok. This seeming difference may relate to more people staying at home tweeting from computers that are more likely to carry a location in twitter and not a geo-located tag. We are not seeing what we saw earlier in Japan where all tweeting for large areas just vanishes. This is because twitters API, which we use to determine Clima.Me uses much softer information while the map only looks at geo-tagged tweets. So in Thailand right now tweeting overall is holding up, but there has been a major drop in geo-tagged tweets. Since mobile phones are the most likely source of geo-tagged with long and lat data, we assume people are tweeting less from phones. Secular data transfer systems may be having trouble, while broadband services remain file. Not unlikely either.

Update: 25th of October afternoon local time we are starting to see a drop in overall tweeting coming from Bangkok which we assume is the impact of flooding on social life and infrastructure.

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