Sunday, 9 October 2011

Heavy Tweets from Coptic Protest in Tahrir

We are seeing very high clustes of tweets coming from the Tahrir Square area in Egypt on the news of a major disturbance involving Coptic protesters.

Out Clima.Me score has been about 60, for this location we would usually see a score of about 10.

 الدستور الأصلى 
وصول جثة الشهيد "مينا ريمون" إلى المشرحة عقب إطلاق قوات الجيش النيران عليه   
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Video of violent clashes in front of Maspiro TV building from AlArabiya between Copts & Security forces   
 Lilian Wagdy ليليان 
we are heading back to  army personnel blocking the road
 Khalid Abdalla 
Army moving back towards . People walking behind them chanting allaho akbar.
 Sallie Pisch 
one group of  moved across abdel moneim, another stayed by the museum blocking way to 
AJA: Deaths now risen to 13 today in clashes in Cairo betn Copt protesters & Army/Security according to Internal ministry  
 Ziya Meral 
My notes and reflections from  square tonight:
 Sally Zohney 
Avoid abdel Monem Riad obviously  r arresting n circulating any protests 
 Alfred Raouf 
Police and army are cordoning us in Abdel Moneim Reyad coming from , it's a setup
Aljazeera showing now live footage from Cairo of clashes between protesters and security  
 \m/ Mody 
 RT  We r joined by thousands chanting one hand, one hand.

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