Saturday, 15 October 2011

Occupy London on Twitter and Web

Tweets coming from Saint Paul Occupy London Camp
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The police in London are containing protests in the area in Front of Saint Paul's Cathedral.  The map above shows a few hours of geo-tagged tweets.  The protesters have been contained in a small area, but they have been using twitter on mobile devices to communicate and to make calls for help.

 Aaron Peters 

Occupations really not going to work in UK. Basis of MET policing is, if its static, kettle it and/ or hit it 

Protesters  St Paul's Square, London -  News 
 Harry Potter II 

Funny how i though  said   :L
 Wyatt Bell 

 I guess you'd know. Off to look at Jupiter and its moons now. Enjoy your wank. 
 Old Holborn 

RT : We need tents. Donate your own tents or buy some from Argos for others.  <<IRONY KLAXON
 Adam White 

Legal observer just informed me she's convinced the police are gearing up for a crush.  

Julian Assange's arrival at Occupy London  Love it!   
 UNISON Housing Assoc 

Some random photos from   coming up. He's got to go.... 
 Diana Vogtel 

Big shout out to our friends from  talking on bbc about the  action happening in front of st pauls -
 Andrew Curry 

RT  Yup, today was an escalation in police tactics - intimidating protesters even without disorder excuse 
 Samuel Horton 

Another peaceful exercise of democratic rights turned nasty by a vengeful and thugish Met Police  
 Jarlath Murphy 

In spirit of solidarity I have occupied the financial centre of Ballydehobblin. I have pitched my tent in front of the shop ATM. 
 Ruwayda Mustafah 

Can we get some tent donations? Get in touch. We need tents. Donate your own tents or buy some from Argos for others. 

A storify post has been created to cover the story:

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