Friday, 28 October 2011

Possible Futures

A video showing some of the possible near future devices coming our way. Problem with such videos is they are so biased towards the product set of the supplier Microsoft. I future seems pretty addicted to Microsoft Surfaces and Windows. In fact notice how everything is a Window, even the video starts with the child in two different countries looking at each other through a Window.

Web 3.0 Lab conclusion is that the Window is itself fading. Web 3.0 Mobile technology opens the Windows on our interaction with reality. Our current glued state to small monitors is probably a passing phase, in time people will have more kinetic interactions with the Internet through small devices that help promote our interactions in the real world.

The thing to notice about this video is how cold and empty the world Microsoft's proposes. We are looking at a world full of scents, crowds, and colours connected via a network of cheap Internet connections.

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