Monday, 10 October 2011

Proof We Live in the Real World and Not the Matrix

These two graphics show the geo-tagged tweeting over a several hour period. We have displayed the tweets "Matrix" style, with green dots on a black background. Just like the way the core Matrix was shown in the movies.

What you can clearly see is the outline of many major cities and even coast lines in the United States and Western Europe. This shows clearly that unlike the movie our Internet is coming from the real world. That the creation of data to the web is conditioned by real space which is itself governed by the sociological and climate conditions of our world. You can clearly make out the consequences of real history forming the way open community data is being published to the web, with certain places and cultures producing more geo-tagged data than others.

Above is the data flow through the Matrix as show in the movie.  This is a data space of constant data streams which create the illusion in persons of a real world.  But you can not see any sight of the real world from the stream itself.  Reality as lived by the people in the Matrix is not reflected in the data architecture of the Matrix itself, in the movie.

What we do see looks more like the map above, which shows the United States as seen from space on a perfectly clear night.  So the world we see around us everyday and which we take for reality is conditioning and forming the emergence of the world wide web.  

We would even say thinking in terms of cyberspace is misleading.  The web is an extension of real space, and how real space is used and 'constructed' in our everyday lives constructs data and social relations on the web.  Our slogan is Cyberspace is Dead! 

So we can be pretty confident that we not only don't live in a Matrix and that the web we are creating today does not behave like the virtual world imagined in the movie The Matrix.  Rather the web we use reflects the conditions of the world we take for real.


  1. Or we can see the web as a meta-reality, and our "normal reality" as an "augmented-reality". Augmented in the way we are aware of another lyer and we act according to this consciousmess [pun intended] (eg. No! I won't do it because I'm scared to be mocked on internet/youtube/twitter/nonciclopedia etc.). :D

  2. Well either way we can see clear evidence of the existence of our planet in the way data emerges in the web.