Saturday, 15 October 2011

Tweets from an Occupied Times Square

Each bird represents a tweeting locatio over a few hours
The darker red the bird the more tweets from that location
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We can see a large cluster of tweets coming from Time Square as a large demonstration forms there on a global Occupation protest.

 Leah McElrath 
 Square : KETTLING ALERT KETTLING ALERT RT: Kettle net going up at 42nd and 6th Ave. 
 Mitchell Marchand 
Praying for peace in the  situation just read tweet about people being arrested for closing their accounts.. sounds insane
 Jonathan Schwarz 
In Soviet America, bank account closes you!   
 The Superbranch 
*sigh* Madrid was before .. RT : Occupy Wall Street goes global. MASSIVE turnout in Madrid  
 Liza Sabater 
At 36th and 6th   
In the center of the drum circle, at least 50 musicians have started a massive brass band jam!  
Passing through Times Square where the Wall Street protesters have converged.   via 

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