Thursday, 13 October 2011

Twitter geo-tag scale variance

Above the shart of tweets over North Atlantic area show how much power geographic borders form tweeting. You can clearly make out the United States, the United Kingdom, the borders of Holland and Spain. Most regions are pretty quite, but a few regions have intense concentration. We say that at this scale geo-tagged tweeting follows a power law distribution, with a few nodes in the network producing most of the tweets.

But now concentrate in on specific intense locations and the power law breaks down. Rather we see fairly evenly and randomly distributed tweets. We say that at this scale tweets are not governed by a power law. So technically geo-tagged tweets are not power law governed since they are scale variant.


New York



Though we do see a tendency in Moscow and Tokyo to be more clustered, meaning at this scale these cities are more like a power law. This is is likely due to the higher buildings in these cities.
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