Monday, 31 October 2011

Web 3.0 Analysis Predicts Continued Support for Occupy Wall Street

UPDATE: We are seeing tweeting levels from around Occupy Wall Street as high as any we have seen on anything.  From out analysis of twitter, foursquare and web other web sources it is difficult to escape the almost obvious conclusion that the largest web media social event of all time is currently unfolding in the world's Capitol cities, and that the center is in New York City right now. 

Normally we track the intensity of protests by looking at the score for a location.  In places like Cairo, Madrid or Bahrain a large demonstration will often cause a rise in tweeting.  We have made predictions generally based on looking at these numbers.

But in New York city Manhattan is a flood of constant tweets and it is hard to pick out surges in twitter.  Our scores always come out of 90, or very high in the region where protests happen.

To get a more accurate specific data we are looking to a combination of what people are tweeting about and Foursquare checkins.  Each day we are seeing the Occupy event getting more and more Foursquare checkins and despite terrible weather dozens of people check in every day to the site.  Not all the people who check in are necessarily camping or participating, but surely a part are, and there are people participating who don't use foursquare.  In fact the most we have ever seen foursquare penetration was about 20% so clearly hundreds of people are attending the ongoing demonstration.

city: New York
address: Liberty Plaza
state: NY
postalCode: 10006
lat: 40.7091576586
long: -74.011040926
currently checked in: 13
total checkins: 6845
Foursquare reading on Occupy Wall Street taken about 1 pm local time 31 of October.

Watching these numbers it is clear that the Occupy movement in New York is maintaining momentum despite harsh weather.  And the twitter hash tag is very strong.  So we conclude the Occupy Wall Street movement will continue and perhaps grow over the coming weeks. 

We will even go as far to say this is the biggest thing we have seen on the web since the Tahrir Square protests.  Clearly a web based global movement is taking place. 

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