Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The web is made by the cool, not the geeky!

Several hours tweeting in a evening work night

If you are on the web a great deal it does not mean you are a hopeless geek, actually it likely means the opposite, that you are more engaging and like in a more social environment than most people. 

In the above map you can see geo-tagged tweets from mobile devices over London.  A large cluster forms over Soho.  Soho is the most progressive and hip part of London, an area busy with clubs, gay parts, coffee houses, and art galleries.  This social progressiveness and dynamics show in twitter density.  In short the web is created in areas of engaged social activity.

The fact that web content creation is happening at precisely those places that are most urban, most diverse, and most happening contradicts the stereotype of the Internet as a refuge of geeks unable to get a data.

Our research shows that people are precisely most likely to be creating dynamic mobile content when they  are precisely in the most engaging social areas.  Posting to the web is seen by the majority of users not as escape but as enhancement.  They are sharing the best of the world and their lives with others not escaping it, and they are using the mobile web to extend the fun they can have in the real world.

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