Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Massive student demo forming in London

A map of tweets showing of the 2 hours before student demonstration in London, clearly a huge density of participants are forming in the cluster of Universities in London.
We watching the intensity of tweeting coming from the site of today's student protests in London. You can watch tweets anywhere on a map with this tool.  Now students are perhaps the most likely people to tweet and it is hard to say for sure that the demonstration will be massive, but from what we can see on twitter we think it is going to be very large today.

In standard form the demonstration is using a hashtag on twitter for the date, this time #9Nov

 is on TTWW? o.O
 Andrew Preater 

hmm... this lunchtime I think I've spotted at least one of every Trotskyist faction I've ever heard of.  
 Deetra Louis 

 I passed my Pt test :D

 "Student march has now started. Moving down Gower St.  "

 samu will go home :(

 May the moment of truth be revealed.
 Debra Crooks 

 Nate P. Barker 

RT : Student march has now started. Moving down Gower St.   <<good luck guys! im sure i'll cu on 

 is 10 days before my 18th birthday. Oh gosh! :L

 twenty days until it's been five years since Sip Talk past!
 MUFC Fans 

Today is 9/11 ()
 Debra Crooks 

 Thea Petrou 

 sending support to the students protesting in London today 
 Ella Javelosa 

 the day when my heart was broken again by the same guy I actually forgot about.
 Debra Crooks 


Mau cepet" tua ya? (`▽´)-σ kwkkw RT  still waiting for 17th april ..
 Hanif Kamar 

 I skept the school. watched tv all the day. bored. starved.
 Jonathan Warren 

To the tune of 'Tis the season to be jolly' - "Aaron Porter we still hate you, tra a la la, la la la" 
 Debra Crooks 


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