Thursday, 17 November 2011

Web Analysis: Historic Mass Protest Taking Place in New York

Update, in further proof of the power of web 3.0 analysis as a journalist tool, police are now estimating that 30,000 people are demonstrating in New York.  Over 10 hours earlier we were able to see that a truly massive protest was about to take place.  
A few ours of geo-tagged tweets in New York made with our tracking tool, the massive cluster is coming from a huge demonstration in New York. 

Based on a combination of sources of web data it is clear that a mass demonstration is taking place in New York.  We are seeing massive levels of tweeting from around Zucatti Park and the Occupy Camp, along with high levels of foursquare checkins and live streaming.
Disturbing reports are coming that the main stream media is being targeted by police, if so it is clearly a pointless exercise as new media is providing a flood of real time data from the event which has clearly escalated to a point beyond the control of the authorities.

Despite efforts at censorship the Internet raises no doubt that a massive demonstration not seen in the United States for generation is happening in New York near Wall Street right now, that it is impacting the normal flow of the city and that it is part of a larger global movement which has not been crushed.  Oddly enough the young people of America have seemed to have taken a lesson from the Arab youth of Bahrain, keeping their movement alive on the Internet.

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