Monday, 14 November 2011

Oakland Raid: there is not middle of the night anymore!

Concentration of Tweets coming from one location in Oakland, where the Occupy movement is waiting for a feared attack by the police.  The police seem to believe that in a global internet world there is still such a time as the middle of the night.  Rather foolish, it is always daytime in Cyberspace.

You can follow the intensity of tweets anywhere in the world here.  You can search any location on Earth with this tool

The are streaming what is going on there on Ustream.  

 Occupy UMKC 
 Rumor is that police are planning to block cell towers in  vicinity.
Big crowd  Mayor Quan orders arrests of peaceful protesters & spend 1million + 
 Chris De Benedetti 
Makeshift gas masks include bike helmets, swim goggles and bandannas over face.
 #ows Media Bot 
RT  One police comms Van and one media van. Cop van just left   
RT : Probably close to 100 vans plus several busses swell one of the smaller parking lots in the coliseum. 
 Democracy Now! 
  is looking for ppl to interview re . Can you email us yr cell #
PIC:Where forces of violence gather  MT @ coliseum min. 5 busses 40-50 vans 40-50 cars 
Pros & Cons of 'social media' ~  ~ Livestream.  
 Lori G M 
 are you still at the coliseum?  
Only 12 vans left. About 30 still here w busses. “: Mic check false buses not left yet. 
RT : See some ILWU, SEIU, and OFT folks out here.  

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