Friday, 11 November 2011

Nokia almost gets it right

Nokia's Humanform concept phone, we really want to like this concept and cheer for Nokia. Nokia, unlike Apple, has brought mobile technology to tens of millions of poorer people around the world. We still believe a future of mobile social computing includes Nokia, but why the inclusion of Ovi catastrophe in this video.

Nokia may have the same problem as Microsoft here: the need to include failed concepts in new technology preventing the technology from really shinning. If Nokia last year has made a Android phone the N8 Android (which never happened) might be the best selling smart phone in the world. Image a smart phone with a Ziess lense and kinetic feedback. Sadly Nokia could not.

Can Nokia imagine a future that does not try to force its own outdated business interests? We suspect that if Nokia and Microsoft can't put their need to prove that their past technology is still relevant behind them, they may not play much of a role in a future of computing more and more dominated by Google and Apple.

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