Monday, 14 November 2011

Tweeting in Oakland

The above map using our Clima tracking tool shows a the cluster of tweeting at the Occupy camp, with more tweets there than the rest of the city.  This kind of concentration of tweets at night shows the intensity of the movement which is preparing for a possible police raid.  You can track the tweeting with this tool. Just type in the city you which to watch.  You can also get a density reading with our tool below:

In a pattern we have seen again and again tweeting surges in response to police trying to clear an area.  We are seeing over 90 out of 100 on our score at 4:00 am Oakland time, very high.


 Ustream =>>> 2100 current views

RT : Protester: "They're San Leandro. What's San Leandro?" "I think it's a city around here." 
 Paul McMillan 

Whelp. Now I'm on the "right" side of the police line. Just walked quickly right over me. 12th and Broadway closed off now. 
 Mik McAllister 

Police entering Grant Plaza  via livestream (live at )
 Michael MacLeod 

 Thanks for that link to the  livestream. He's doing an amazing job. Gripping tv!
 Rick Barnes 

Police do not have names or badge numbers.  
 Geoffrey Giraffe 

Officers in all black, no numbers on helmets, no names.  
 Chris Filippi 

Police line forms on Broadway at 13th. .
 Gavin Aronsen 

And a bus full of Alameda County sheriffs in riot gear is unloading north of the plaza. 
 #occupyOakland RTs 

RT   Police about to use force  (live at )
 Truth Prevails 

Watching  about to be raided by police in riot gear. They have them blockaded. WATCH LIVE! !

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