Thursday, 1 December 2011

Different Twitter Usage in London Protests

Student Protests on the 9th of November shows the route of the protest clearly in tweets over a three hour period 
Interesting to look at the mapped distribution of tweets from mobile phones in London during student protests against fees on November 9th.  The map below shows the map of public sector workers on pensions on November 30th.  Both were massive protests.  So why the different pattern of tweeting?

Tweets on the 30 of November public sector strike show more distributed tweets
The obvious answer is age of protestors.  The student protests were full of teen agers and college students.  These are digital natives who have grown up with the internet who live a great deal of their lives posted on to social networks.  People concerned about pensions tend to be older, frankly almost no one the age to use twitter on a mobile phone has any hope for a pension.

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