Sunday, 11 December 2011

Occupy completes circle with interent enable protest in Bahrain

In proof of how global the recent web enabled protests have become, Bahrain, which innovated much of the current web enabled protesting, has started an Occupy movement.

Bahrain lead the most advanced online campaign of any Arab nation against the regime, but unfortunately the Bahrain protests have been meet by a internationally back crack down.  But the pro-democracy groups in Bahrain have effectively used the Internet to keep the world informed of their plight, and they did much in inspire movements in Madison and Spain which have matured in the Occupy movement.

Sadly the kinds of persecution the people of Bahrain have faced have been visited on many people who imagined themselves still living in more democratic societies.  Authorities in Bahrain and New York have shown that this revolt is not regional, but a mass global movement against an established system, much like the revolts in Eastern Europe brought in the entire former Soviet System.

Now in a clear example of global people power Bahrain has started its own Occupy movement.  Follow the hashtag at 


  correct hashtag is  it will happen between 13-16Dec while UN team in Bahrain

If we wan't  to work we should keep it as much simple as we can, all we need is jst deleviring a clear message

 is nt a piece of cake as many r talkin abt, I know we should b optimistic bt at da same time we should b realistic :)

    who's occupying it and when ? Only so we know cuz we live on that HW.
 Abo Hussam 

We are  and  youth. We will  for the best future of 
 Twe toto 

      instead at least you won't disturb ppl who don't give a s..t

After great thoughts  is our way forward, gathering at UN is for politicians.   
 Ameena Alkhabaz 

Dont look @ it negatively,on wed u can  or protest near  or both,just be there to let ur voice be heard 

My next tweets will be on key elements on occupying targets based on personal experience  
 was @waishfeek الشبح 

   iwill take part in  and my message is:"PM should leave, we want an elected gov"

Hellow ! Hope  is occupying all your minds already!

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