Friday, 30 September 2011

Seeing a demonstration in Tahrir

Right now we are seeing very elevated tweeting coming from Tahrir, and using twitter and social networks we can confirm that a demonstration is happening there now, though not of the scale of the Spring. Last check Tahrir was at 51 out of 100 on our Clima.Me scale. Comparing this to Paris which was at 62 we can see the intensity of tweeting in Tahrir

Off twitter we got some photos of the protest which you can see here

الشيخ حازم صلاح ابو اسماعيل أسد المرشحين. علي المنصة #tahrir... on Twitpic

Monday, 26 September 2011

Defining the Internet of Things

"The internet of things is a phrase you are going to hear a lot over the next few years, and the clue is in the name as to what it is. It is about connecting objects rather than people.

"According to one estimate, there will be 50 billion things online by 2020, another estimate suggests it will be a trillion - nobody really knows. But lots of people have vested interests in wiring all these things up and charging for the bandwidth to do it."

Managing the Internet of things will require a technology of no thinking agents moving about in space and time. This is very much like the challenge facing physical sciences and the Web 3.0 Lab believes this new kind of web will require a physics of information sciences where time and space are used to calculate relations, interactions and various other outcomes in the new web everywhere.

Using twitter to track Eurogamer Expo 2011 London

Notice the heavy concentration of red dots over the map. These were coming off Earl's Court in London during the Eurogamers 2011 Expo in London.

Drilling down using our Clima.Me framework we were able to see precisely what many people were saying about the conference, from raves about certain games to complaints about long lines.

This kind of technology allows people to not only count attendence of twitter users at certain events, but also to guage in real time what people at specific places or events think the activity. It opens up new ways of doing rapid, agile research that is ground in place and time without having to send field workers to the site.

By the way we could not see any games really going viral among twitter users at the expo. So we might assume that we will be entering a Christmas season without the presence of a much have game. Lets see how it goes.
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Friday, 9 September 2011

Venice Japan

Tweets by a Japanese tourist posted while in Venice, and a map of the tweets inthe area of Venice Italy over a friday evening.
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Tweeps in London for a work day

Follow this regular images taken of London over a work day in 2011. Red lights indicate locations of recent tweets.

Mexico City Tweets

Friday Mexico City, tweets with geo-tags for late afternoon time region, created with Clima.Me framework

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London Tweeting

Friday Evening tweeting London 2011
The Web 3.0 Lab is developing methods for tracking mobile internet posts from sites like Twitter, Foursquare and Wikipedia. Here are some visualizations of our work.

Soho miday weekday, London 2011

O2 Center London, tweet locations during Dolly Parton concert 2011
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Twitter's 100,000,000 users

"He said active users, who log on at least once a month, rose 82% this year.

Half of these 100 million log on at least once a day.

Twitter raised $400m (£250m) in venture capital funding this summer."
BBC News - Twitter says it has 100 million active users

The 100 million users, half of which use it on a daily basis combined with the ease of use on mobile phones and smart phones, provides an amazing sample population for social activity.

Our work at the Web 3.0 lab uses geo-tagged twitter data. We try to use twitter densities in space to determine events on the ground. We have used twitter to track Chicago Cub games and Dolly Parton concerts in London to protest in Madrid, Cairo and Bahrain to finding a good place to eat in Istanbul or Amsterdam.

The more people using twitter, the more people with smartphones and the more people willing to post geo-located data means a larger public supply of real time time is emerging for everyone to use.

Privacy issues are a major concern, but we use public information all the time. Fashion is a very key form of public information exchange. You can tell so much about a community from what people are wearing.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Finding Fun: 3 Case Studies in Web 3.0

The Web 3.0 Lab has carried out research in three locations in Europe trying to find ways to use Twitter geo-tagging to find fun places: Istanbul, Amsterdam and London. The challenge was to find the following:
  • Places that were fun,
  • Places that the tour guides often did cover,
  • Places that tourist were looking for and could not find.

In Amsterdam and Istanbul we have identified regions where locals go to eat and have fun. We have found that looking at our heat map of tweets on the cities that these locations become obvious.

In the case of Istanbul it was rather striking, the fun areas outside of the major tourist areas are light up very clearly.

Our research confirms that tourists can use the density of twitter locations to find interesting places to have fun. So go out there and explore.

Tweeting from O2 Dolly Parton concert

Seeing tweeting coming from O2 stadium Dolly Parton concert. Geo-tagged Web 3.0 has amazing potential to track major events. It is possible to drop in at almost any major event and to listen to the open public discourse happening on the ground.
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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Predicting continue Bahrain protests

From our analysis of tweeting in Bahrain we anticipate continued protests.

We base this upon a set of observations:
  • Consistently high tweeting in Bahrain, indicating a great deal of chatter during the time of protests.
  • Drill down of these tweets show a great deal of 'discourse' with people mentioning each other and RT each other.
  • Many political avatars and posts active in Bahrain.
  • Willingness of people to post with geo-locations turned on.
  • The content on twitter with hashtags popular with Bahrain protest members like Feb14 and Lulu



 شبكة أوال الإعلامية 




 نصر من الله 


 بِـنتْ طـريِفْ 

 شبكة أوال الإعلامية 


 Jassim Mahmood 

 شبكة أوال الإعلامية 

 Salman Shaeboh 

 Bahrain's Fighters ✔ 





 شبكة أوال الإعلامية 

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