Wednesday, 30 November 2011

LA shows divide of how people use the web

Divided city, tweet concentrations overnight in LA show a cluster around the Occupy Eviction cam and Hollywood Boulevard, showing the division of economic and social perspectives that characterize our times.
Map of tweet densities in Los Angeles for the night of November 29th to 30th.  You can see two clusters, the largest is a the Occupy camp as police clear the camp.  These tweets are from journalists,onlookers and politically engaged people involved in a global issue.  Northwest you have Hollywood. See Wikipedia and Google drill down on Hollywood. Not to be too harsh on Hollywood Boulevard but we doubt many people going there late at night are much concerned with the state of the world.

This map shows a marked line that is developing in the Internet, and shows how history and geography are defining that line.  A large group of people want the web to be an engaged place of social discourse and debate. Against this is a trend for the web to be a collection of entertainment or trivial facts.

Someone tweeting from Hollywood Boulevard is going to tweet things like their hands fit in the hands of some actor who pressed them against a side walk.  Someone tweeting from the Occupy camp is going to be talking about free speech, protest, policing and social justice.

If you agree with the Occupy movement or not you can certainly see that two radically different ways of looking at the web are at work here.  Will the web be the new book or the new TV.  Certainly there a dumb books and smart TV shows, but the way the media has been organised in our culture TV has become dominated by content with no real social or cultural value or meaning, which books contain the great ideas and debates of our times.  To say I read a lot is to say I am informed, to say I watch a lot of TV is to say I am pretty ill informed.

The Internet provides both kinds of media creation, and certainly I have nothing against posting silly things you see to the web on your day to day life for the amusement of your friends, but we should be aware a major struggle is going on for the social and political value of the web.  The US lost TV, the greatest communication revolution before the web was turned to selling soap and telling us who wants to be a millionaire.  Lets hope we can do better with the web.

Twitter Density from LA Occupy Eviction

We are seeing a large surge of tweets coming from the LA Occupy Camp during an eviction
One thing we have learned from watching mobile web communications in 2011 is that the regime no longer has a monopoly on communications and coordination.  Each time the police authorities try to break a protest up from Egypt to Spain to the US there is a response of tweets, youtube videos, UStream and blog posts in response. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Twitter Map Shows Crowd Around Tahrir

We are seeing a large crowd forming in Tahrir Square Cairo

We are getting some reports of violence in Tahrir Square Cairo.  We are seeing a large collection of people in the area.  But we are not seeing the concentration in the Square itself but also around that area, indicating that perhaps running battles or violent protests might be happening. 

Google Maps go Indoors

Monday, 28 November 2011

Revolution vs Election on Twitter

Above was during massive protests in Cairo, notice the high concentrate of tweets.  This is what a popular protest looks like in the emerging world, with tweets concentrate on mobile phones near the site of the protest.

And this is what an election looks like.  A distribution of tweets as an election is network site of distribution.  Both event are the exercises or attempts to exercise popular power, but they show ever different distributions of tweets.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Analysis: Area of Tahrir Protest is Expanding

Using our twitter mapping technology we have been mapping the areas in which people in Tahrir Square are tweeting.  It has been obvious for several days that a group of protesters have held Tahrir Square from which they are are using mobile phones with tools like twitter to let the world know what is happening.

This map shows the kind of cluster of tweets in Cairo we have seen since the start of the protest until yesterday.

This morning we started to see this pattern, with tweets still centered on Tahrir Square but expanding in to other areas of central Cairo.

Now we are seeing this pattern, with intense tweets centered in Tahrir but also distributed in a large area around Cairo, note the side streets around Tahrir and the Bridges toward Tahrir.  It seems the protest is taking over a larger area of the city.  

Is the Tahrir Protest Expanding to More of Cairo?

Tweeting from Cairo yesterday was highly concentrated around Tahrir Square as mapped with our tool.

Today we can see that heavy tweets are still centered on Tahrir but have spread out in a larger area around central Cairo.  We can not yet ascertain if this is because of people coming to join Tahrir, the Tahrir protest expanding, people being forced to retreat from Tahrir or just more people using Twitter on mobile phones as the demonstration evolves.

But our guess is it is an expansion of the scale of the demonstrations and their intensity. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tahrir: Twitter's Finest Hour

Another day of massive protest, the map above shows about 3 hours of tweeting on mobile phones. Twitter is being used by demonstrators to communicate to the world what is happening.  This is perhaps twitters finest hour. Map created with our Clima.Me tool. 

Monday, 21 November 2011

Use of Twitter in Battle of Tahrir

Reports of extremely heavy violence in Tahrir are coming in.  The above map shows a few hours of  mobile phone tweets from Cairo.  Notice the heavy concentration of tweets coming from in and around Tahrir.  Despite the attacks protesters are using twitter to communicate, organize, and let the world know what is happening to them. 

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tweeting from the Battle of Tahrir

The map of mobile tweets coming from Tahrir Square over the past hours mapped with out tool.  This shows that a large concentrate of people are communicating with twitter in and around Tahrir. Currently we are hearing reports of heavy fighting between the military Regime and protesters.  Clearly this tweeting shows the protesters self organizing.  If this tweeting were to suddenly disappear it would be a massive tragedy for the people.  Web 3.0 Lab will watching this closely.


RT.: Live ammunition, hayel.  "
 YaSSer Saaed 

قال يا مستني الشرطه تبقي نظيفه يامستنني الرقاصه تبقي شريفه !!    
 dalal al joseph 

الله يطامنكم باسمه اركدو تكفون 

: RT : Full fledged battle on fringes of . Death toll mounting (7 being reported), this will be a very long night.

 Ashraf Magdy 

الناس اللي رافضة تنزل أو رافضة اللي بيحصل في الغالب بيحاولوا يبرروا لنفسهم سبب وجودهم في البيت! 
 Egypt Instant News 

رصد:رصد | رسالة رقم (81) من المجلس الأعلى للقوات المسلحة     

 Imam mazhar sahin kimdir tahrir meydaninda halka seslenen kisi?
 Nadine El Khafif 

Thats why ppl should head to tahrir NOW RT  You can't expect protestors to keep firing back with rocks and molotovs for long 
 wassim benammar 

hundreds of wounded fell today in tahrir square. may god help egypt overcome this harsh and delicate period
 Laila Mamoun 

Goodluck to the people in .
 ياسر العقيلي الهاشمي 

مجموعةمجهولةهاجمت مبنى الأمن الوطنى بالسويس        

الشيخ السباعي يفضح محمد حسان و شيوخ التثبيط و الذل       
 ربيع عبد الحكيم 

هو بيان المجلس العسكرى دا بيان شؤون اجتماعية صح