Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Who is online?

Taking a looking at the demographic of nations with higher on line populations.  Seeing who is on line at the level of nations.  Graphs made with gapminder.org graphing software. Not many surprises but still worth reflecting. It seems that people on line are rich, educated, old, single, happy and fat. But there are nations which are educated, single, fat and happy that don't have high on line participation.  But no nations that are rich or old are not highly online.  So its wealth and life expectancy which are the strongest predictors of participation on the Internet. 

Rich. Nations with high Internet users tend to be richer, in fact wealth is the clearest predictor of Internet participation, far more so than social freedoms or democracy.

Educated. Nations with high Internet usage need to have high literacy rates (that is obvious) but literacy does not predict high Internet usage.  That is literacy is required to be a Internet using nation but plenty of nations have high literacy and low Internet usage. 

Old. Very surprising graph, a very strong relationship between life expectancy and rate of Internet usage.  There is no cause here, wealth causes both long life and Internet usage, but we tend to think of the Internet as a domain of the young.  But there is a strong dimension to the Internet also being the tool of nations with lots of old people and ageing populations. 

Single. High Internet users tend to marry later in life.  Probably explains the popularity of on line dating.  It will be interesting to see what happens when women who marry at 20 are using the Internet in large numbers, on line dating might be replaced with child care sites.

Happy. This did surprise us, there is a tendency for nations with high Internet usage to have lower suicide rates.  This probably relates to overall quality of life, the Internet along with wealth, education and late marriage being elements of a happy life.  We tend to think of our modern western life as isolated and  unhappy, and the Internet as a sorry replacement for real social engagement, but the true story may be that the Internet is a part of a very fulfilling lifestyle developed in the west. 

Fat. No surprise here, heavy Internet user nations are heavy nations.  Though we don't see any cause here, the Internet is probably not helping.  Actually this one looks more like education.  Nations with low BMI probably lack enough economics to support the Internet, as the BMI levels increase some nations have higher Internet usage but other do not.  There is a tendency for an increase but nothing like the association between wealth.
Conclusion: not surprisingly Internet users are from richer nations.  They marry later in life and date more when they are young, they live longer, are literate and are more prone than the global average to have issue with weight but less likely to be suicidal and therefore less depressed than most people in the world.  The Internet seems to be a key part of the good things of life.  

The data is pretty clear, people who have the Internet are better off than people who don't have it.  In the first years of the Internet the media was full of stories of the dangers of the Internet, but likely the benefits for people are pretty strong.  

Internet of cities

This graph provided by gapminder.org  shows the relationship in 2008 between percentage of Internet users in a country and its urban population.  The general trend is pretty clear, people who live in cities and other urban areas are more likely to be Internet users.

This actually is not surprising when you keep in mind that richer countries tend to have more urban populations.  People who live in villages are going to find it harder to not only earn the money to get on line but also to even get connection to the Internet.  The mobile Internet will likely change this, but it remains the fact that even today people who live in built up areas are more likely to be on line.

We conclude that the relationship is a bit deeper than just one of money, though money may be the cause.  Cities are deeply connected to the Internet.  We believe the concept of a cyberspace that is detached from real space is a misleading myth, in fact the same processes that create cities create the Internet.  The creation of information on the web, from Wikipedia pages to twitter is being driven by the same social processes that make cities.  That is the Internet extends the process of city creation, or to be even more precise the process of social organisation and economic organisation that have created cities go beyond just cities in creating and structuring the Internet.

Cyberspaces illusion of being separate from real space is an illusion.  Our research shows that almost all on line data comes from cities, and most of it is about cities.  Wikipedia data is far more likely to be about things in urban areas.  More tweets come from cities, more foursquare check ins, more of all the behaviours of production and consumption of web data take place in cities.

Keeping up with the Joneses

The Internet has changed the world, and it has tended to change the young faster than the old. This clever aid makes you stop to think about the duty parents and care givers have to keep up on the technology that has so captured the imaginations of the young.

Amsterdam tweet mapped on iPad

IPad showing tweeds with the tracker.clime.me web app

Monday, 30 January 2012

Android augmented reality

A image showing tweets in an augmented reality view and a map view on Android

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Twitter in London Chinatown

Happy Chinesse New Year from London.  You can see tweets from events in London today.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Large Uncut disability protest in London

We are seing a la large number of tweets coming.from an Uncut protest at Oxford Circus London. Uncut is a protest group that makes use of the Internet to self organize.

Tweets mapped with our clima.me tool on Android

Friday, 27 January 2012

Tweeps of New York

Tweets from New York around lunch time Friday, mapped on the Clima.me tool.  Notice that China town is a bit empty? 
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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Mapping tweets at Macworld

Tweets clustering in San Francisco Macworld, mapped with the clima.me geo-portal 
Macworld is meeting in San Francisco.  You can clearly see where the meeting is at by look at the darkest and most clustered tweets on the map.  Each red bird shows a location where a tweet has been made over the past hour.  The darker the bird the more tweets made there.  You can see around the Moscone Center the tweets are very concentrated.  Macworld is always a major event in the world of tweeting.

Our clima meter tool is showing some of the highest tweeting in San Francisco in that area now, with a score of about 94 out of 100, very high.

Rise of Android's tablet market

Tablet computers
"Android accounted for 39% of the market in the final three months of last year, up from 29% a year earlier, Strategy Analytics said. Apple's share fell to 58% from 68%.

"Microsoft's share stood at 1.5%."
BBC News - Android's share of tablet market jumps:

We at the Web 3.o Lab are not going to smile to much on this one. Though it does confirms our prediction that Android would grow in to the tablet space. Its only we can't help but kind of laugh at iPad nuts who 6 months ago seemed to believe this product space was resolved forever.

That said we still love our iPads and the iPad 2 remains, for now the best tablet in the market. But give it time.

Tahrir's Twitter Hangover

Twitter map of Cairo on the evening of Jan 25, 2012 at a mass demonstration to mark the one year of the start of their revolution, tweets mapped with the clima.me tool.
And the next morning, perhaps Egypt over did it a bit last night?
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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tahrir's Cloud of Tweets

Mobile Tweets mapped January 25, 2012 in Cairo with the clima.me tweet mapping tool
We are seeing a unprecedented event on Twitter today.  In Cairo it seems now that almost everyone who is tweeting on a mobile phone in the entire city, one of the most massive in the world, is in either or near Tahrir Square or moving towards Tahrir Square.

Photo posted to twitter by @SheikhaWhiskey 

Tweeps mass in Tahrir

Map of geo-tagged tweets in Tahrir Square Jan 25 morning.  Created with the clima.me tool
Each red bird indicates a geo-tagged tweet over the past hour and its location.  Tweets without geo-tags are now mapped.  The more birds in a location and the darker they become.  Notice that in the center of Tahrir Square there are a large number of people tweeting their geo-location, indicating a large crowd collected there.

Using our tweeter meter tool we are getting score of over 90 out of 100, which for a city like Cairo are very high.  Such scores are more in line with cities like London or New York.  

Following the twitter hashtag #Tahrir we can see that a lot of web data is flowing out of Cairo right now on the one year anniversary of the revolution that changed the world, inspiring people from India to Madison and perhaps leading to the Occupy movement. 

 Jummana Al-Kahlout 

If only we could join our brothers & sisters in  today to celebrate the temporary victory & help shape the future.... 
 Mark Comerford 

some great pics of  street art from  at Follow  on as well
 أخبار حرة - وظائف 

‏ ‎‏ وظائف: مطلوب طيارين للعمل بصيدلية بشارع القصر العينى ‎
 أخبار حرة - وظائف 

‏ ‎‏ وظائف: مطلوب بائعين وبائعات للعمل بمحل حلواني بمصر الجديده ومدينة نصر ‎

Lots of people  
 أخبار حرة - وظائف 

‏ ‎‏ وظائف: مطلوب موظفات استقبال فتره مسائيه لمركز طبي ‎
 أخبار حرة 

‏ ‎‏ الدوري الاميركي للمحترفين: هاورد افضل مسجل في تاريخ اورلاندو ‎
 Right Now I/O Feed 

Thousands march from Shubra chanting "freedom" and "enough" ...       via 
 أخبار حرة 

‏ ‎‏ سوريا والبحرين واليمن بين المراتب الاخيرة في تصنيف حرية الصحافة ‎
 Mohamed Allam 

  I reject the centrality in int. media discourse of . It started in Tunis,...   

‏@egypt@25jan#H#تم خروج العقيد أركان حرب- عمرو جميل محمد بعد قضاء مدته حيث كان محكوم عليه بسنة وباقى الضباط... ‎
 Abeer Etefa 

Emotional day#Jan25 for many  remembering square 2011amid concerns about  economy 
 Geay Olivier 

Parait qu'elle est sympa  a reçu le Prix 2011 de la presse diplo pr sa couverture des événements  
 Yasser Ahmad 

I see families, I see old people, I see young people, I see Christians, I see Muslims.. I am in   

المسيرة التي إنطلقت من الجيزة في أول شارع مراد الآن. ‎‏ ‎
 Mohamed Tarek عbd 

‏ ‎‏ هي المعادي عاملة كدإ ليه ؟ العيال كلها مره واحدة نازلة من بيوتها جري عشان تلحق المسيرة
 شبكة أخبار مصر 

اخبار مصر | القاهرة | مسيرة من المعادى تتوجه الى ميدان التحرير الان ‎‏ ‎‏ ‎