Thursday, 19 January 2012

Nokia Connects ad for Windows Lumia

Okay so that is the ad, clearly its trying to make you see Nokia and cool and caring, and not dying.

Is it at the same level of Yahoo! past ads for nothing that cost so much money and simply showed Yahoo! had no sense of color design?

Actually we don't think so. We have been using Nokia Lumia 800 more and more and the Lumia 900 looks like a solid upgrade (but not a revolution)

Some key points.

In many ways this is not Microsoft anymore. The design looks create and is easy to use. In fact the look and feel probably is more than Android and iPhone. Windows phones are easy and fun to use.

In many ways this is still Microsoft. We did a lot of testing on Lumia in Hong Kong over the holidays. In our test we logged in to our Office 365 account, only to find that there was no easy way to log out. A demo phone was showing our working documents from our MSN account! We had to rush back to the hotel to change our MSN password. This prevented people from editing our documents on a machine in Hong Kong, but they could still see the title of the documents (which had been downloaded to the machine) UGGGG!

None of this would be a problem if you buy a phone to use, but it shows a clumsy architecture that has plagued all Microsoft solutions and is really not there in the same level on the iPhone or Android. But still Microsoft is beyond just good enough on the phones, it has made a solid mobile OS which many be in fact the best looking and easiest to use phone OS on the market, and Nokia clearly has the leverage to reach this market.

2012 is a do or die year for both companies, but despite being an utter flop so far the Lumia is the best bet both firms have had in a very long time.

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