Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tweets from the Battle for Athens

This map shows the locations of tweets from mobile devices during riots in Athens on 12/02/12 mapped with the tool
Athens Greece is not a large area for tweeting.  These are some of the highest levels of tweets we have ever seen for Athens mapped over an evening of violent riots and mass protests.
MMGEISSLER instagram image from Athens after the protets

Notice a cluster of tweets to the north of parliament, this is where the Attikon theater is(was?) located and the tweets cluster is a classic gawkers cluster.  A group of people are standing around photographing the fire and posting images with instagram to twitter.
Closer view shows tweets coming from both Parliament and streets, and a division between riots in the squares and side streets

The above map shows a distribution of tweets and foursqaure checkins.  As one would anticipate there is almost not checkins, people are tweeting news events.  But it is interesting that someone checkined during a riot. 
This shows the tweeting for the next day.  There is still continued heavy tweeting down the side streets, we assume these are people photographing sites of damage more than anything else. 


  1. Nice MAp... should click to read posts!

  2. Click the link under the map, you can. These are just screen grabs!

  3. this maps are only useful for the police....

  4. The police already have way way better technology than this map. They have aircraft, heat images, they can track IP of mobile phones themselves, use informants, tap phones. This map just shows were tweets are located from the twitter API. Any police force that would have to use our tool would be pretty piss poor.