Friday, 3 February 2012

Tweets from 'Battle of Tahrir'

Distribution of tweets in downtown Cairo shows a mixture of protests in Tharir and running battles. Created with the mapping tool

Mobile tweets from the morning of the third shows the 'event' is ongoing.  Created with the mapping tool
We are following mobile tweeting in Tahrir Square over the last 24 hours.  There are clearly large protests over deaths in a recent football game in Egypt.  But the crowd of active tweeps has moved out in to the narrow streets and high buildings behind Tahrir where protests with the police have become more confrontational.

Twitter is a powerful tool for recording and publishing news from events by citizen journalists and bloggers, it is also a power organization tool.  Such heavy tweeting must be coming from a combination of protesters and onlookers.  The combination of radical protesters and sympathetic onlookers is a powerful dynamic that mobile phones and twitter help to enable.

6.57pm: More and more tear gas fired, people running back.  
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 Rawya Rageh 
Chant in  agnst ruling military council: 'You want to rule the country when you can't even secure a stadium!' 
 الداعية/ مينا نجيب 
This lady is leading the chanting against the  
 Nelly Ali 
one of my favourites.. RT “: A whole family in  sq. Carrying signs with the demands 
 الداعية/ مينا نجيب 
A whole family in  sq. Carrying signs with the demands
 Rawya Rageh 
5 ambulances driving thru  en route to Interior Ministry, as reports circulate of 1st gunshot fatality there 
 Hossam Eid® ™ 
RT ‎‏: وفاة علي حسن علي مخلوف (٣٢سنة)، فنان تشكيلي من عين شمس وأب لطفلين بطلقة خرطوش بالصدر والبطن ‎‏ ‎
 Marie-France Lakah 
I'm infront of macdonalds marghany in a black 1 series. Collecting supplies for .
 \m/ Mody 
RT  CBC live feed shows Masour street flooded in tear gas  


  1. Very cool. Are you IDing location through each tweet's lat/long metadata, or some other method? And do you have access to the entire twitter firehose?

  2. Andy I have to be honest, I let the node.JS coder do that. I write algorithms and do analysis. I do know that the user has to turn on the geo-tagging on twitter to make it work, so I am going to assume yes, but I will have to follow up with the node.JS team next time I see them.