Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Where it is hot in Istanbul

A map of real time twitter and foursquare activity showing where social is most hot in Istanbul
Last year we started a study of Istanbul's tourist scene as a case to establish a web based tourism tool.  We found last year using tool that the North Europe side is the place to go for fun.  Though all the major tourists sites are in old city in Sultanahmet at night this area is kind of dull.  The places to go are almost all tourist joints with high prices and so so food.  We found a lot of people complained about being bored in Istanbul at night.

We discovered, like countless tourists before us the Northern area via trial and error.  Going there first to check it out as a historical curiosity we soon found that the area just north of Sultanament is lively place full of clubs, restaurants, art and fun.  This is one of the most lively and enjoyable areas in Europe.

We conducted a series of tests on twitter density to see if we could see a distinct difference between twitter usage in the two areas, which we did.

Now with the full tool we have create a real time tool which shows Foursquare checkins and recent tweets to give you a picture of where web3.0 users are most engaged. 

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