Friday, 30 March 2012

Blackberry-maker RIM plans massive retreat

The Blackberry Playbook 

"Blackberry-maker Research in Motion (RIM) has said it plans to refocus its business back onto corporate customers. 
The announcement came as RIM reported a quarterly loss, as revenues fell due to sharply lower smartphone sales. 
The Canadian company made a net loss for the three months to 3 March of $125m (£78m), compared with a profit of $934m a year earlier. 
It has lost ground as its traditional business clients have switched staff to iPhones or Android smartphones. 
RIM also announced the resignation of former co-chief executive Jim Balsillie.
Chief technology officer David Yacht will also be standing down. 
Shipments of Blackberry smartphones in the quarter fell to 11.1 million, down 21% from the previous three-month period."

BBC News - Blackberry-maker RIM plans new focus amid $125m loss

What can we add?  Blackberry, which just 5 years ago was still the foremost mobile device maker in the world, is dying.  Proof again that being first is not winning.

For a massive amount of the population, even today, Blackberry was their first real smartphone.  And from about 2003 to 2009 Blackberry was the phone to have.  This was probably as much poor quality of alternatives than anything about Blackberry.  Windows Mobile phones up to 3.5 were trash, and Symbian OS never made a good smart phone.

It is now clear that iOS, and now Android, have defined the mobile experience in the same way the Mac and Windows have defined the PC.  We are still using PC Windows that are essentially unchanged since 1985 Macs!

Bad news also for Windows Phone, which is trying to enter a market were there is already a low cost option: Android.

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