Tuesday, 8 May 2012

London as a living web being

London Twitter Map from CASA

A fairly typical week day in London: map showing tweets over a several hours in London 

Map of social media content for London.  Note most tweets geo-tagged information is not longitude and latitude, but for regions like Oxford Street or Westminster, or specific stores.  So we have created the Happ Meter, which gives the a count of all the kinds of geo-located tweets happening in an area, per hour.  Since estimates are that only about 2% of tweets have any kind of geo-tagged data, that means there are a lot of tweets happening we don't see.

Real time twitter density for: Covent Garden, City of Westminster, London WC2E, UK

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London is a circulation network, a blood system giving life to social structures.  It has points like Covent Garden from which the underground system of transit opens to the surface.  In Covent Garden the Tube opens on a rich cluster of shows, bars, and places to eat producing a lively hub.  But depending on when you look the twitter activity will ebb up and down.  Weather and time of the week or day causes the flow of people, and web activity to rise and fall.  Cyberspace is still governed by local geo-social conditions.

Real time twitter density for: Buckingham Palace City of Westminster, London SW1A 1AA, UK

People act differently at different places.  Buckingham Palace has become a major hub of tweets and foursquare.  Toursits want to share images of the Palace and the guards with the public, journalists who work in local government want to get stories to the public.

Real time twitter density for: Canary Wharf Station Bank St (Stop L), London Borough of Tower Hamlets, London E14, UK

Some areas have special use, during the week Canary Wharf will rise to high levels of tweeting, foursquare, and web traffic only to drop on the weekends and in the evening.

Real time twitter density for: Shoreditch High Street, London Borough of Hackney, London E1, UK 

Other spaces have more general use, Shoreditch is active during the day and at night, on weekends and during the week. Foursquare offers promise as a tool for tracking the movement of people, but again the keys are lots of people, good mobile access, and people engaged in something where they are sitting down.

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