Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nexus 7 camping ad, too much?

Are mobile computers suppose to enhance our lives, or just replace smokes and coffee as addictions for the brain.  With even Social Internet Guru Sherry Turkle raising questions about how these devices isolate us as much as connect us, we need better thinking about how being connected to the Internet 24/7 offers real benefit.  

This ad simply does not do it.  In fact who ever made this ad seems to have wanted to expand the domain of mobile device addiction to what once was a sacred domain, the father son camping trip.  Recently I was in Nepal and was disturbed to see people spending their evenings on iPads and Mac Books rather then talking or watching the fire.  Clearly the everywhere Internet had taken away much what was my favourite experience of traveling to places like Nepal in my 20s: meeting other people.

People can now just tone out when ever they want were ever they are.  I imagine that this tablet camping trip would be a bit different.  The child would use the tablet to play the same video game he plays at home rather than watch the fire, and father would use it to check he work emails during breakfast and tweet images about what a wonderful vacation they were having.

From our own 2 years of intense research in to cloud living and mobile lifestyle we are booming more and more concerned about the power of mobile devices to give us a false sense of connection when it really separates us. 

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