Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The youth Green Revolution is taking place in the cities

Today, major urban agriculture projects are firmly rooted in Burlington, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and dozens of other American cities. Sales of vegetable seeds have skyrocketed across the country. Backyard chickens have become a new norm, and schoolyard gardens have sprung up across the nation and beyond since Alice Waters began Berkeley’s Edible Schoolyard Project almost two decades ago. Organic farms and farmers’ markets have proliferated, and for the first time in many decades the number of farmers is going up instead of down. Though those things can be counted, the transformation of awareness that both produces and is produced by all these things is incalculable

The Second Green Revolution, the revolution of the young, is taking place in the cities

The Web 3.0 lab sees a key possible result of the encoding of semantic and social data to geo-social life could be a more creative, decentralised and potentially even 'humane' use of space, especially urban space.

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