Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Madrid #25S Congress protest looks big

Madrid: Elevated levels of tweeting this morning, we are tracking the Puerta del Sol area of Madrid.  This morning we saw discussions on twitter and Facebook about a demonstration in Madrid today, September 25 2012.  We are tracking the real time twitter density for the location here.  We are also tracking the hashtag #25S on twitter.

We are tracking the tweeting levels around Congress, where the protest is suppose to take place, and they are very elevated right now.  And there is a large amount of twitter activity concerning the event today, almost all of which is in Spanish.

Reports are that the police are keeping people away from the Congress, we are seeing concentrations of tweeting at the Plaza de las Cortes outside of police blockade.

For contrast look at the above tweeting for Paris, where nothing major is going on.

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