Monday, 17 September 2012

OWS 1 Year Later

Geo-Tagged tweets coming from around Occupy Wall Street march, we are seeing elevated rates of tweeting but nothing on the scale of what we have seen at recent Madrid protests yet. 

Another image posted to Flickr near OWS today

The rate of tweeting on the hashtag #S17 on Twitter is pretty high right now, with a few dozen posts by various people each minute as the protest forms.

 lots of folks here in Tulsa sending love and light your way! Thanks to all of you for doing what we can't!   
(2/2) rs.Occupy everything! Make sure to come back together for the spokes council at 11:15.  
View looking south towards bull. Keeping a guarded distance today... 
 The  and   want the same thing, for the banks, with no regulations, to be held accountable for our economy.
 jail support One Police Plaza.  central booking
 thx for RT keep strong keep going one person can make a difference. We are all one  
SIGN: There's nothing American about corporate America. 

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