Monday, 22 October 2012

Did Anon take down Amazon Cloud services?

The industry leader on Cloud hosting is having a major problem
Well this is what we know.  Own3r posted on their twitter site that they were attacking Amazon Cloud services
A lot of Amazon Cloud sites are down or have been down, at one point even Foursquare and Pinterest went down.  This explains why out tool was not getting anything from the Foursquare API.  I spend a few hours looking at my code but it seems it was because Foursquare was down, lesson learned there. 

So there has been a major catastrophe at the Amazon Cloud, and Own3r implies it is 'their' DoS attack.
But there is every reason to doubt this claim of responsibility.  Firstly Amazon has been having some problem for a while.  Most people tweeting about it don't seem to be taking a Anon attack seriously, or at all.  User wrath is more a Amazon which has developed a reputation for failure over the year. 

Also looking at the profile of the Amazon failure it looks much more like a sudden problem, a very sudden problem that would indicate a failure of their technology.

The above tweet was posted over 40 minutes before I started to write this post.  At that point the event that took down AWS had happened 2 hours before.  Own3r 'claim' of a DoS attack came after the event was being tweeted. 

I can't find any pre-warning of the Amazon attacked, Own3r has made one claim he was attacking their servers, but even if that is true that does not mean their attack took down the Amazon servers.  They very well could be running a DoS after the Amazon sites went down to make it harder.

So if it possible this is another Anon attack?  This kind of hack would come with some serious potential jail time and I really doubt anyone would be dumb enough to tweet about it after doing it.  Especially after attacking the MySQL site of a Nigerian site the same night.  Also it just does not make sense.  If you were planning on taking down site like Pinterest and Foursquare would you also launch a MySQL insert attack on the Nigerian Aviation Management Agency the same night?

My guess is that Amazon is just having major problems.   Though to be fair Own3r is now claiming it was him and he just didn't want to say anything until after success, but still I doubt it. 

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