Friday, 19 October 2012

Has Anonymous attacked down

Photo by Gail Orenstein from London, there is no implication that anyone in this image is associated with computer hacking

UPDATE: Despite considerable latency on the site Tango Down is an overstatement, the site is probably experiencing of DoS attack, but it was able to load after 4 minutes of waiting. On 10 tries tonight we have been able to get the site twice after about 5 minutes of waiting. Still it seems that late night reviews of Anonymous attacks is becoming a normal activity lately.

UPDATE: By 0800 GMT 20th of October the site is now responding normally again, so I can only assume this was a DoS attack which has been responded to. web site is not responsive right now.  There has been a claim on twitter by user Anonymous Sky that implies, but does not state, that this may be an Anonymous operation.  We have been seeing the organisation being rather busy lately.  Anonymous is calling for a global day of action on October 20th and a day of action in the UK on November 5, so an attack on Microsoft's EU site may be related to this.

The attack looks like a classic denial of service attack, with request for the main page taking 3 minutes to resolve.  The site makes very extensive use of JavaScript for UI and AJAX and may have been vulnerable because of the complexity of the code.

The page loads an extreme amount of JavaScript files and CSS files, which are now pending for several minutes stopping the site from loading.  Goes to show that these things can make you vulnerable if you depend on them for any site to show up.

Most of this JS is taking a very long time to download.

We are also not seeing a number of CSS files coming down, despite three minutes of watering the following css files have not downloaded

module.css /DesktopModules/DnnForge%20-%20NewsArticles GET (from cache) text/css (from cache) Pending 0
skin.css /Portals/0/Skins/Microsoft GET (from cache) text/css (from cache) Pending 0 
FrontPage.css /Portals/0/Skins/Microsoft GET (from cache) text/css (from cache) Pending 0 container.css /Portals/0/Containers/Microsoft GET (from cache) text/css (from cache) Pending 00 portal.css /Portals/0

These CSS files are taking up to 4 minutes to download tonight

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