Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Is the web's impact on journalism positive

Many people point to wikileaks, regardless of the life history of Assange, as an example of how the Internet can open up journalism and promote a more objective media.  But few people go to the wikileaks web page.  More common are pages with narrow political bias like Drudgereport in the US.

Alexa compares Wikileaks to Drudgereport, showing how the biased right wing Drudgereport which only covers US Republican perspectives reaches many order more people than Wikileaks.  Drudgereprot would seem to be the kind of 'news' site the web is producing. 

Drudgereport offers the nightmare of media services that, as this page shows, are also ads for a political party.  Perhaps the true trend of the Internet is to give specific parties singular news sources where they can isolate their supporters from other ideas and influences.  

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