Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Listening to twitter for #globalnoise New York

Real Time Twitter Level for Columbus Circle New York, where #GlobalNoise is suppose to have a protest on October 13, 2012.

New York is an intense area for tweeting, with high buildings, lots of smartphones and lots of people generally we see very high tweeting from Columbus Circle.  Its not unusual for geo-tagged tweets to be in the level of 100 to 400 on a normal day.

Thursday early morning in Columbus Circle.  Even at 7:45 AM New York time there are hundreds of geo-tagged tweets coming from the location.
Keep in mind while tracking these numbers that October 13 will be a weekend.  Also keep an eye on the baseline provided below.  This baseline is for City Hall in New York, also a very popular spot.  We would expect the tweeting from Columbus Circle to be much higher than City Hall if a major protest is happening.

We have been noticing a drop in cyber-activism in the United States this year, just as we have seen a radical increase in much of the EU. Potentially this is because the economic situation in the United States seems to be more promising than in the EU, where some nations still have 25% unemployment and the UK may still be in recession 4 years after the financial collapse.

October 13 will be a key test to the degree of discontent in New York and the ability of social media based groups to bring supporters on the street.

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