Monday, 29 October 2012

#SFRiots Public Disorder 3.0

The Great San Franciso World Series Riot of 2012 is now a Foursquare venue.

#sfriots on foursquare
Twitter stream on the #sfriots, showing the hashtag was trending for several hours
Last week I was surprised to see that people regularly check in to the Pentagon.  Looking at the streams of tweets coming from the Pentagon one would have to wonder why anyone would give away the fact they were at the Pentagon on a public forum?  But stupid seems to be major disease in Web 3.0.  For today we are seeing people checking in to a riot, even posting images of their participation in a riot.

Foursquare venue for the Giants victory riot
Foursquare venue for the Giants victory riot 

But during the rioting in San Francisco to celebrate the Giants winning the World Series, a foursquare site was created for the riot.  Not only was the site created, but it was even trending in San Francisco.  The map below includes trending sites for San Francisco and you can see the riot, near the center, as one of two major trending venues.  In fact at one point 38 people had even checked in to the riot.

Map of local social media showing 38 people 'checked in to a riot'

Beyond just leaving a public record of your presence near the riot, which probably would not by itself be of much value in court, a number of people posted images of the riot to Foursquare.  Now this is the kind of solid evidence police forces love to have.
#sfriots on foursquare

The most disturbing thing about this is just how innocent Orwell's novel 1984 can seem in the age of continual self surveillance and publishing.  It seems unnecessary to build a complex party organisation to watch over the population, as a population with iPhones and Androids will freely watch over itself and report on its actions, and crimes, on public forums.

Beyond just Foursquare the good rioters of San Francisco are rushing to fill the most trendy social media like Twitter and Instagram with evidence of their crimes.  Even Facebook now has public videos of the events.

Insagram images of the riots in San Francisco

News of the presence of the riots on social media is almost as big as news of the riots.
I specifically love the picture of a person taking picture of the riots.

Some images posted on the Foursquare riot site:


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