Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Track levels of tweeting at debate

This tool will track the level of real time geo-tagged tweets coming from Hofstra University, Hempstead, N.Y. As we get closer to the debate the levels are petty high.  We think this would make a idea second screen experience, as you watch what happens in the debate look at the impact on the level of tweeting at the location itself.

Update: during the debate we saw the number go over 100 tweets per hour, for a small town this is pretty major.  The level of tweeting was about the same as at recent major Athens protests, but Americans sure love their twitter. 

With an hour to go we see are seeing elevated tweeting about 50 geo-tagged tweets an hour coming from  Hostra University site of debate

Below you can see the level of tweeting just outside of campus, which is much lower.

The above chart by twitter shows the massive impact that the debate has on the overall twitter universe. Though over the hour of the debate perhaps a few hundred geo-tagged tweets were sent, which corresponds to at most 5,000 tweets from the immediate area, from TV the debate fuelled 7.2 million tweets.

As to how the debate is going for the Romney and Obama, follow Iowa Election Market real time trading on the election outcome.

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