Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tweeting in Washington DC

Real time tweeting levels from the White House.  Right after Colin Powell made his endorsement of Obama we saw a significant surge in tweeting coming from this building, topping 500 per hour.  This is likely the press core and White House staff.  Less than 5% of tweets are usually geo-tagged so this means at one point over 10,000 tweets an hour were being geo-tagged with the White House.  This likely includes RTs that carry the original geo-tag or people who have set their location to the White House but are not there.

Twitter levels at the White House Washington DC

Just before the image above was taken the number of geo-tags her hour briefly passed 500.  Normally this level of tweeting is associated with a large crowd, but a large number of people may have their phones set to the White House as a location.

Update: We are seeing the level drop slowly in the hours after the Powell endorsement, so we can assume the surge was in part related to that news.

Tweeting levels from the Pentagon are also elevated, which is kind of stupid.  People should not have geo-location turned on when they are at the Pentagon, but many clearly do.

Congress seems a bit subdued right now relative to the White House with less than 50 tweets an hour, but maybe people don't want to let other know they are in Congress.

I assume this is not tourists since major tourist attractions are showing much lower tweeting.  UPDATE: Over time though we see a rise of tweets from the Mail in Washington DC as tourists come for a visit we assume

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