Monday, 1 October 2012

Twitter Debate Dashboard

Third Debate Site
Real Time Twitter Level at Lynn University

Lynn University will be the site of the third and last debate, we can already see levels on campus of tweeting rising and this the last and most critical debate is about to start.  We have been seeing the level of tweeting rise on the campus of Lynn University as we move towards the debate.

Tweeting from Lynn University surged during the debate, with over 500 tweets per hour at one point.  Since at most 10% of tweets carry any geo-tagged information this is a lot of tweets.

As the debate started we saw the number of geo-tagged tweets per hour from Lynn University rise to over 120 an hour.

Lynn University just before the debate

Boca Raton just outside of Lynn University

Past Debate

Track the level of mobile phone tweeting coming from the first US Presidential Debate in Denver.  This  tool is listening to the number of tweets coming from the location per hour, and converting that to a score based on global tweeting standards.  This will be the first such political debate in the age of twitter, last election twitter was relatively new and few people yet had twitter on smartphones.  It will be interesting to see how tweeting rises and falls through the night.

This is the tweeting level from the grounds of the University itself where people are gathering.

This is a baseline of New York.  New York gives you the rate of a high tweeting environment. 

Important to note that this is a real 'dead zone' for twitter, with normal levels near 0 or what we like to call 'dead.'  So during the debate any tweeting you see will be coming entirely from the event.  Also not that though a lot of people will be using mobile devices and tablets (and maybe even laptops) to give play by play on twitter the scores will only show tweets with a geo-location attached.  Though mobile devices like tablets and phones are more likely to have such locations enabled, many people will not have these features working.

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