Friday, 5 October 2012

Twitter level dashboard for 13Oglobal in Madrid

We have created this dashboard to track the real time tweeting from Madrid for the 13Oglobal protests.  These windows below show you the level of tweeting, as reporting by the Twitter API, for a given location.


Hemos creado este panel para seguir el tweets en tiempo real desde Madrid a las protestas 13Oglobal. Estas ventanas aparecen a continuaci├│n muestran que el nivel de Twitter, como los informes de la API de Twitter, por un lugar determinado.

The 13Ogloabl Facebook site has identified Plaza Emilio Castelar and Plaza Neptuno as site for protesters to gather. 

El sitio Facebook '13Ogloabl'  ha identificado Plaza Emilio Castelar y Neptuno Plaza como sitio para los manifestantes a reunirse.

Plaza Emilio Castelar
Photo By Gail Orenstein of Robert Hooker, author of this blog showing web tracking tools to the Madrid media team.
Plaza Neptuno
The above map has been provided showing locations and key times. We will be using this to track the events impact on twitter.

Spaniards are heavy mobile phone users and love Twitter, and the protests are always accompanies by lots of activity on twitter. Look for scores over 98 too indicate the presence of crowds in the thousands in an area.

The present score for twitter traffic in Madrid, Puerta del Sol.  

Paris, to be used for baseline

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