Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Twitter tracking tool for Global Noise day

TRACK THE TWITTER NOISE WHERE YOU ARE! Click the twitter and Facebook buttons inside the map to share the noise wherever you are.

Click the Facebook and Twitter buttons above to share the noise where you are with the world, let them hear how load you are on twitter?

The following dashboard contains some key locations where Global Noise events are planned for the 13th of October 2012.  The maps track the level of tweeting going on with 100 meters of a location right now.  Only tweets with geo-tagged information included are counted.  Actually tweets could be up to 50 times higher.

New York is an intense tweeting location, you would have to see about 200 geotagged tweets an hour to indicated anything major happening.

La jefa de las cacerolas #bankiaesnuestra on Twitpic

Real Time Tweeting level from Syntagma Square Athens
Greece is not a major tweeting culture yet, 10 geotagged tweets an hour would be a lot, but during Merkel's visit we saw them get to over 100 geotagged tweets an hour.

Plaza Neptuno. Madrid Spain.
This is a high tweeting location, on a weekend 40-60 geotagged tweets an hour would be high. We anticipated about 200 or more an hour at the height of the protest.

London Stock Exchange
For a weekend 40 to 50 geotagged tweets an hour would be high.

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