Sunday, 4 November 2012

#OperationVendetta in London Nov 5 tweet tracker

Findings: Over 2,000 people showed up in front of the National Gallery for event, many of them wearing Fawkes masks.  The site of so many people in the masks lead to a lot of photography on smart phones and obviously a lot of post to the Internet including tweets.  We saw a lot of tweets from the location on the hashtags #OpVendetta #OperationVendetta and #5thNov and some of them must have come from the site.  We also so a significant rise in levels of tweeting in Trafalgar Square during the gathering.

On a Monday night in winter Trafalgar Square will normally see 20 to 50 geo-tagged tweets an hour, but during the event the number reaches closer to 200.  A significant rise, but not extremely high.  The tweeting was on scale to a many Occupy events in London.  These levels were higher than recent NUT protests and the Olympics, but Anonymous people and their supporters are in to technology.

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Twitter level tracks for key sites in the Operation Vendetta

Demonstration is suppose to start here in Trafalgar Square about 6 PM GMT. I would anticipate a score of 97 with a few hundred tweets an hour coming from this location is anything major is happening.

It will assemble here, problem is that Parliament is a information hub for the UK, with tweets flooding in to cyberspace from here at a high rate, it might be hard to see any increase in tweets.

Operation Vendetta Facebook Page
Okay I am not entirely sure how subversive an event planned on Facebook can be, but the Operation Vendetta Facebook page has over 5,000 people confirmed to go.  Almost another 2,000 likely to attended.

The event is scheduled for November 5, 2012.  I have read different times on Twitter and Facebook, probably between 5 and 6 PM.  A flyer that has been going around London for some time said Trafalgar Square but they are not that far apart.  

This is clearly a serious effort by Anonymous UK, who ever they are.   Last month an attack on the Conservative Foundation Web Site also mentioned details about the event.  That post called on people to assemble at Trafalgar and move towards Parliament.  It could be the largest flash mob in history.  The idea seems to be to act out the closing sequences of the V for Vendetta movie, which included the exploding of Parliament.  I profoundly doubt the halls of Parliament are going to be blown up, but I suspect someone will try to play the 1812 Overture.

 Photo by Gail orenstein
    Social Media was used through out the night on mobile phones for participants to communicate  
    where the location of the march was and to check activity on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. If Parliament does get blown is a flase flag attack to disgrace us....

  2. Don't worry, Parliament won't get blown up, we promise ;)