Monday, 12 November 2012

Tweet levels from key EU #N14 #N15 protest sites

UPDATE: In are benchmark protest cities of Athens and Madrid the general strike has had little impact on Twitter. The pictures we have seen of mass protests mostly come from cities we have not been tracking. This may be due to a number of explanations:

  • That these protest are more the mainstream union support who don't use Twitter
  • That the major urban centres are 'protested out' but that protests are moving to new areas like Italy and smaller Spanish cities and in to the north of Europe.
  • The General strike is something of a dud. 
  • Much of the action on sites like Twitter and Facebook are people who don't have jobs (students and unemployed youth) so they have nothing to strike from.
It is always hard to conclude much from negative data.  But these protest don't have the kind of impact on social networks that Occupy did last year.  This may actually be that 'people whose opinions really matter' are becoming more involved, or it may indicate support for the general strike is weaker.

Real Time Tweeting level from Syntagma Square Athens, Athens tweets rarely go above 20 an hour unless something is going on.

Los niveles actuales de Twitter en las protestas
Os níveis atuais de Twitter em protestos
Τα σημερινά επίπεδα των διαδηλώσεων στο Twitter

The following dashboard can track tweeting levels at key protest sites in the UK. It was creating using the tweeter meter.  I have noticed that Spain is the most engaged mobile twitters users in the current nations impacted by strikes.  Levels of tweeting can reach extremely high levels in Spain.  Athens has seen a recent rise in the use of twitter at protests.  Lisbon still is not a major user of twitter.  So it will be very interesting to see how the different sites twitter level rises and falls during the protest.

Plaza del Sol. Madrid Spain.

This is a high tweeting location, on a weekend 40-60 geotagged tweets an hour would be high. We anticipated about 200 or more an hour at the height of the protest.

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