Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tweeting levels at Obama and Romney HQ

Track tweeting above at Obama's HQ in Chicago.  In the middle of the night we already saw significant action there.  Remember that Chicago is a city that strongly supports Romney so you will see a lot of tweeting of either joy or regret around it by local people who may come out to celebrate.

So far Romney's HQ in Boston has been very silent.  Boston and the entire state are heavily supporting Obama so there will be a difference between what pleases people inside the Romney HQ and the people of Boston.

Our prediction from this.  Obama's HQ is showing much more tweeting, indicating energy and a strong social media strategy that is constantly running.  Romney's HQ is probably just a space to hold an event, but the lack of tweets coming from the HQ would indicate a weak social media campaign and a disheartened support group.

If you want to see how the crowd source is setting the odds track the Iowa Election Market below.

Crowdwire has a fun app counting twitter vote mentions, but since social media users tend to be younger it is giving unreliable biased numbers in favour of Obama, not that Obama will almost certainly win, but not by the twitter level.

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