Monday, 10 December 2012

#FacebookIsDown the world reacts on Twitter

Af of 23:10 GMP Facebook is down, I have found these statistics
Word is spreading via Twitter that Facebook is down all over the world
As I write this the number of people tweeting in the worlds major cities that Facebook is down is rising and rising.  Its like one of those old movies when the Martians attack and they cut to the world capitals to see the radio presenters in their own language explain the same story over and over again: the world is ending.

Last I checked these were the states.

In Madrid about 10% of geo-tagged tweets mentioned Facebook going down.
In New York City about 2% of geo-tagged tweets mentioned Facebook going down.
About 3% of Paris geo-tagged tweets discuss Facebook going down.
In London is as high as 8% with a tweet by a popular parody site of Prince Charles going massively viral right now.


A 23:30 GMT Facebook is back up and running, but the chatter spreads.

In Madrid 18% of geo-tagged tweets mentioned Facebook.
In New York, fast paced Capital of dynamic Capitalism, it was already old news at 1%.
But in London the tweet from @Charles_HRH carries a London geo-location and his posts are going viral.  Last I checked 85% of geo-located posts in central London were actually re-tweets from this account.

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