Thursday, 6 December 2012

Found on Slide Share, Social Media Measurement Workshop

Celina is well worth following on Twitter.

These slides cover work done with social networks during the 2012 Olympics, which interests me because I did a great deal of work analysing geo-located social media during the Olympics.

What I would add to the insights Celina Burnett presents on social media and consumer behaviour is that this behaviour is situation in a location.  All of the activity on Facebook and Twitter about the Olympics is meaningless unless the event happens, and the event happens in a place.  Much of what was driving the spikes in traffic on social media were coming from the event itself.

Her works makes me wish I had spent more time analysing the levels of tweeting, Flickr and foursquare at the Olympic torch sites.  I have since developed tool to do this automatically, so that I can start looking more at the process of how real world events cause social media which causes more social media which motivates participation in real world events which continue to expand social media.


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