Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Leaving my hometown

Social Media map of Round Lake Illinois and surrounding area where I grew up
 These two maps show a fairly typical experience of people who grew up in rural towns who decided to go to cities.  Above is a social media map of Round Lake formed over 24 hours.  We see a few tweets, a few scattered Wikipedia articles and Yelp venues.  There are no Flickr images, and despite running for 24 hours not one located trended on Foursquare.  Below is five minutes run in Chicago.  A vast cluster of foursquare trending and Flickr images along with a dense concentration of Wikipedia and Yelp. In short a major city has more things, and more things online, than a small town will experience in years.  The growth and triumph of the city is the crowd of diversity, interest and fun over an isolated xenophobic unsustainable boredom.

I know that is harsh but I view the move to the suburbs after World War II as one of the worst mistakes in modern American history, and one that has hurt the US culture and economy.  Suburbs created isolated, alienated, narrow existence.  I for one found the return to the city as a utter liberation, and I have not looked back.
Chicago Web 3.0 map

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