Sunday, 16 December 2012

#Occupy from London Afrobeat Collective

Recently I have been thinking a great deal about how lifeless 'media' becomes lived culture.  After the death of Ravi Shankar I have been thinking more and more about how music creates the emotional bond between people, their time and their community.  Music is so core to the adoption of new technology as well, you can even say Apple created much of the Web 3.0 revolution by opening mobile music to the Internet via iTunes and the iPod (though I personally would like to see more free download)

Today on twitter I came across a group that really interested me, the London Afrobeat Collective. I have loved Jazz and Jazz fusion since my time living in Chicago and it was good to see a group that merges world music, Jazz and social issues here in London.

Tools like twitter, Facebook and the web gives groups like these a platform to promote their work outside the limits of traditional studios which try to stage music as an event that reduces risks.  The big labels are all obsessed now with reselling old music because it has the least costs and risks.  So it is up to social media to fuse the music of a new kind of social like and a new kind of consciousness.

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